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Quality Converted LHD Vehicles

Sam Motors - a 97 years old institution and Asia's oldest dealership group - is not only Thailand's oldest and largest Right Hand Drive (RHD) vehicles dealer and exporter but also its oldest and largest exporter of brand new factory original Left Hand Drive (LHD) vehicles. Since Thailand is a RHD (Right Hand Drive) country all our used vehicles are RHD but since Thailand is the only source for diesel 4x4 vehicles as Toyota Hilux Tiger, Toyota Hilux Vigo, Mitsubishi L200 Strada, Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Nissan Frontier, Chevy Colorado and other diesel 4x4 vehicles, we are glad to convert these used vehicles from Right Hand Drive to Left Hand Drive. RHD to LHD conversion is not an easy feat so we do not recommend conversion of new vehicles unless absolutely necessary but do convert used vehicles. Below is description of new Vigo and new Chevy Colorado converted successfully from RHD to LHD. Email thai4x4@gmail.com for quality Right Hand Drive vehicles, best quality original Left Hand Drive vehicles and converted used LHD vehicles. Our Dubai office can be contacted at thai4x4@gmail.com and can provide not only Right Hand Drive vehicles of all makes and models but also Dubai spec Original Left Hand Drive vehicles as Toyota Hilux, Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Prado, Toyota RAV4, Mitsubishi Pajero, Mitsubishi L200 2500 cc and Ford Ranger.




Since Thailand is a RHD country, all our quality cars, trucks and SUVs are Right Hand Drive vehicles. But this has not diminished their appeal in mainland Europe and the rest of the LHD world. The quality of Thailand made vehicles is as good as vehicles made in Japan and Europe but the prices here can be up to 30% cheaper. This explosive combination of rock bottom price and sky high quality makes conversion a desirable option. Sam Motors has converted both new and pre-used pickups to LHD.

These converted LHD drives are 95% as good as an original LHD vehicle and a layperson cannot tell the difference. Only original manufacturer LHD parts and accessories are used to perform this conversion. Workmanship is superb and attention to detail excellent. Still we no longer recommend conversion of new vehicles since the factory original Left Hand Drive vehicles are now available from us.

If you are interested in factory-original Left Hand Drive vehicles then we are currently providing Toyota Hilux Vigo in Factory Original Left Hand Drive configuration as well as Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Isuzu Dmax and Ford Ranger among others. Just drop us an email and find out what we can provide at thai4x4@gmail.com. An email at thai4x4@gmail.com can get you info on original Left Hand Drive vehicles available in our Dubai office from Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford and other best manufacturers.

Converted RHD to LHD Vigo

Here is a dealer customer of ours Michel with his converted LHD 2005 Hilux Vigo. He examined it minutely for an hour and then gave a thumbs up to the conversion and is completely satisfied with the results. He has imported this Vigo into Spain and customers are lining up to look at this marvel and competing with each other to place their orders. If a dealer cannot find a flaw, then customers will surely find nothing to gripe about. They will only be too busy counting all the money they have saved. We are now longer accepting orders for conversion of new vehicles

Here is an inside view of this converted vehicle. You can tell that only the genuine Toyota Left Hand Drive parts were used to perform this conversion so the dashboard looks no different than a factory manufactured Left Hand Drive vehicle.

Here is another look at the vehicle from the right hand side. Look and marvel at our minute attention to detail. Optional teakwood paneling has added a touch of undeniable elegance to the vehicle.

A detailed look at the backseat and you find nothing amiss and have nothing but admiration for the craftsmanship of Sam Bodyworks and its affiliates.

Take a look at the new passenger door on the right.

Now a close look at the new driver side door. All controls have been successfully rewired and installed on the left door now. Take a look at the steering and its successful migration from right to left.

Here is a fleet of converted LHD vehicles shipped to our Romanian customer:

Converted Chevrolet Colorado

Well, you say, we see that it works with Hilux but will it work with other vehicles? Take a peek at this brand new Chevrolet Colorado that went to a leading 4x4 dealer in Denmark. He was delighted with the results and had placed orders for more modified LHD Chevys. As mentioned earlier we are no longer converting new vehicles but converting used Right Hand Drive vehicles to Left Hand Drive.

That should be enough to convince anyone. If it works that well for new vehicle, you can imagine how easy it would be to convert pre-owned vehicles.

LHD and RHD Countries

The majority of the world drives on the right side of the road and uses LHD vehicles as you can see from the map on the left. The countries in red are LHD vehicles while the countries in blue have RHD vehicles. You will notice that in Europe, UK is the only major RHD country while in Americas, Guyana is the only major RHD country. RHD countries are restricted to former British colonies in Southern Africa and South West and South East Asia. The only exceptions are Thailand and Japan which are RHD even though they were never formally a part of the British Empire.

The following is a list of major Right Hand Drive countries:-